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Each episode of Unapologetic, you will hear informal conversations about being a woman in the business industry. By discussing insightful experiences, opinions, and ideas, our goal is to connect the leaders of tomorrow—our listeners—to the leaders of today—our guest speakers. In our podcast, we aim to bring an unfiltered perspective of being a woman in the business space to help discover, connect, and empower one another.

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Season 2 Episodes:

Let's Get Unapologetic

In the final episode of Unapologetic Season 2, the WIB team answers your burning questions by getting real and unapologetic. After reflecting on our favourite events and achievements from the 2020-21 school year, the team dives into a conversation about our perspectives on mainstream hustle culture, who and/or what inspires us, self-discoveries we’ve made, and how we’ve educated ourselves and others throughout the past year. Click here to listen!

The Feminist Trope

In this episode of Unapologetic, members of the WIB team discuss a YouTube video titled “The Feminist Trope, Explained,” which introduces various feminist tropes and the growing presence of complex female characters. Based on the common depictions of feminist characters, we reflect on our own experiences of feeling like a bad feminist and embrace individualistic feminism. Click here to listen!

Jessica Zagari Evans

In this episode of Unapologetic, we interview Jessica Zagari Evans, Director of Integrated Communications at L’Oréal Paris Canada! With 10 years of experience in Communications for several fashion & beauty brands, Jessica has climbed her way up the corporate ladder and worked with many brands including Maybelline, Garnier, Essie, and RW&Co. In today’s episode, Jessica discusses what her current role entails, as well as focuses on the importance of change, storytelling, and authenticity. Click here to listen!

Brianna & Graciel

In this episode of Unapologetic, we interview Brianna Nelson and Graciel Ballesteros-- two outstanding leaders guiding the Womxn of Colour Durham Collective that is run by, for, and with Black, Indigenous, and other self-identified womxn of colour. After discussing their involvement with this youth-led organization, Brianna and Graciel dive into their personal development experiences. Throughout this conversation, we discuss the journey to discovering one’s personal identity and passions, the significance of pushing yourself, and the intersectionality of feminism. Make sure to stay tuned until the end of today’s episode to hear from our Women of the Month, Pauline Genty. Click here to listen!

Swapna Malekar

In this episode of Unapologetic, we interview Swapna Malekar, a Product Lead for RBC Canada. She has 12+ years of product experience involving many corporations all over the world in a number of industries, including banking, consulting, and ecommerce--to only name a few! Sharing how her engineering degree has been useful, Swapna also stresses the importance of creativity as an industry professional. Being a mentor for Lean In Canada, Swapna shares advice when one is faced with inequality and bias in the workplace. Click here to listen!

Rusul Alrubail

In this episode of Unapologetic, Rusul Alrubail returns for another outstanding discussion. This week, Rusul delves into her personal and professional journey beyond being the Founder & Executive Director of The Parkdale Centre! Rusul obtains a Master of Arts in Literature from Ryerson University and, after teaching, she has continued to write on her blog. Following our discussion on refinding your passions, we take a deep dive into the struggles regarding burnout, work-life balance, self-criticism, and undermining our achievements. Click here to listen!

The Parkdale Centre

In this episode of Unapologetic, we interview Rusul Alrubail and Tenzin Wangmo. Rusul is the Founder & Executive Director of The Parkdale Centre for Innovation--a non-profit Incubator & Accelerator located in Toronto with a focus on diversity and inclusion. As an Alumni of Parkdale’s Women Founders program, Tenzin is the Founder of Nineteen59--a non-profit youth led community initiative that aims to spread awareness of Tibetan history and movement through the lens of fashion. Each speaker discusses their identification of a need within their community, and showcases how they have creatively tackled these issues through their businesses. With this, Rusul and Tenzin engage in a conversation about access to resources, searching for a sense of belonging, channeling your energy, and the battles with imposter syndrome. Click here to listen!

Devon Fiddler

In this episode of Unapologetic, we interview Devon Fiddler is the founder and Chief Changemaker of SheNative!  Devon landed her first career position as a Business Development Coordinator for the Meadow Lake Tribal Council Resource Development. As a social entrepreneur, Devon discusses her dedication to selling leather goods and apparel, and shares how she elevates Indigenous women and girls through her company, SheNative. Make sure to stay tuned until the end of today’s episode to hear from November’s Women of the Month feature, Naomie Jeyanthakumar. Click here to listen!

Episode 12

Likability Dilemma

In this episode of Unapologetic, Erika and Truchi discuss Robin Hauser’s  TED Talk, “The Likability Dilemma for Women Leaders.” The Likability Dilemma is the idea that women are viewed as competent or likeable, but never both. Truchi and Erika reflect in order to identify interconnected issues resulting from unconscious biases, such as microaggressions and the double-bind dilemma. Click here to listen!

NLSW Speakers

In this episode of Unapologetic, we interview three #NLSW2020 speakers--Niveditha Sethumadhavan, Safa Khan, and Sana Pabani. Each of these outstanding females are Brock students and alumni, as well as speakers at the Niagara Leadership Summit for Women, an initiative hosted by YWCA Niagara from October 20th to the 22nd with the mission to empower women to lead in our community. We will discuss the speakers’ personal stories, topics each speaker will discuss at the event, and what you can expect to gain from attending the Summit! Click here to listen!

Queenie Phair

In this episode of Unapologetic, we interview the outstanding entrepreneur, yogi, and traveller, Queenie Phair. Queenie is the current co-owner of two businesses in Toronto--Phair Yoga and Focus Retreats. In addition to her entrepreneurship story, Queenie shares her journey on how she’s arrived where she is today--including everything from moving back to China in order to rediscover her roots, landing numerous jobs in Asia, and experiencing prejudice. Make sure to stay tuned until the end of today’s episode to hear from our Women of the Month, Jillian Wolfe. Click here to listen!

Jami Monte

In this episode of Unapologetic, we interview the outstanding entrepreneur, accountant, and CPA Emerging Leader, Jami Monte. After 8+ years working as an accountant across multiple industries, Jami founded her own company, Monte CPA. In addition to discussing her journey of becoming an entrepreneur and a Chartered Professional Accountant, Jami utilizes her experiences to showcase the importance of communication, confidence, and consistently speaking up. Click here to listen!

Back to School

In this episode of Unapologetic, some of our executive team reflects on summer coming to an end and anticipates the upcoming school year. We’ll begin by discussing the mindset shifts we experienced and new self-care routines we’ve established. Considering the unique semester ahead, we also shared our challenges, opportunities, and goals for the virtual term. Click here to listen!

Brianne Chiarle

In this episode of Unapologetic, we interview a marketing and digital communications strategist, Brianne Chiarle. Working two jobs, Brianne obtains a corporate role as a Brand Marketing Coordinator, which is an educational tool to help operate her advertising agency, Buck Marketing. Due to her substantial involvement in the local community, Brianne discusses the changes COVID-19 caused for her clients, how to build meaningful connections, and the importance of mentorship. Click here to listen!

Brave, Not Perfect

In this episode of Unapologetic, members of the WIB team discuss Reshma Saujani’s TED Talk “Teaching girls bravery, not perfection” for the second installment of our Beyond the Screen series. Reflecting on the socialization of female perfection and the resulting bravery deficit, we discuss times we personally experienced or witnessed this socialization and explore methods to encourage bravery. Click here to listen!

Annette Smith

In this week’s episode, we interview Annette Smith, the founder of a plant-based cosmetics company, Lipservice Beauty. After 20+ years in corporate retail leadership, Annette faced a traumatic experience that completely transformed her life. Annette became a business owner and wellness advocate, allowing her to share her entrepreneurship journey and discuss the importance of self-care. Click here to listen!

Kat Gaskin

In this episode of Unapologetic, we interview a creative graphic designer and an entrepreneur, Kat Gaskin. Kat discusses her experience of ditching the corporate world to pursue her ultimate goal to “work less and travel more.” Kat also delves into the details of launching her personal brand, operating two successful ecommerce businesses, and calling the world her office. Click here to listen!

"She Did That"

In this episode, we announce the exciting beginning of a new mini-episode series called, “Beyond the Screen.” In this installment, the executive team supports the Black Lives Matter Movement by discussing the challenges and opportunities unique to black women that are showcased in the uplifting documentary, “She Did That.”

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Meet the Team

In our first episode of Season 2, we introduce some of our new executive team for the 2020-2021 year and see how they’ve been feeling during quarantine! We also delve into their career goals and how quarantine has impacted those goals.

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Season 1 Episodes:

Meet the Hosts + Q&A

In this episode, we will answer your burning questions all surrounding WIB and our executive team. 

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Meet our Founder

In this episode, Shania interviews Sorcha Killian - The founder of WIB. We spoke to Sorcha about what it's like to be an international girl boss.

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Madeline Woodhead

In this episode, Truchi interviews Madeline Woodhead - National Bank Financial Wealth Advisor. Madeline shares her insights about being a woman in a traditionally male-dominated industry. 

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Leigh Nelson

In this episode, Jayna interviews Leigh Nelson - a Digital Artist. Leigh shares the ins and outs of her artistic career while providing us with more insight into the Arts industry,

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In this episode, Jayna and Shania tackle questions from our WIB listeners. they discuss the real issues around the pay gap, 2020 goals and turning lemons into lemonoade.

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Lexi Brigette

In this episode, we interview fashion blogger and CEO of Sunstruck jewelry Lexi Brigette. Lexi shares her ins and outs of her influencer career while providing us more insight about what it takes to start your own business. Click here to listen!

Huda Alvi

In this episode we interview travel blogger and Co-CEO of the Girls Trip, Huda Alvi. Huda shares her inspirational advice about being your most authentic self while providing us more insight about what it takes to start your own business. Click here to listen!

Pilar Adams

In this episode we interview the talented mastermind planner, Pilar Adams. Pilar shares her story about how she got to where she is today as well answers our burning questions. Click here to listen!

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