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Upcoming Events


Stay tuned for updates on the upcoming events planned for this year. You do not want to miss out!

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How to Register for our Events

1. Click the link above OR click the link in our Instagram bio to register on Google Forms

2. Fill out the Google Form and submit

3. You will receive a link in your email the day of the event!

Events: 2021 - 2022 

Women in Data Analytics 

January 2021


WIB welcomed five panelists from a variety of different backgrounds to share their career paths, the challenges they have faced, and tips and tricks on how to succeed in the data analytics industry. While discussing their career paths, we also dove into deeper conversations regarding the difficulties that women face within the field. Data analytics is a key industry where the number of male employees and executives outweigh the number of female employees and executives, especially when climbing up the corporate ladder. The goal of this event is to discuss the influences and challenges that women face in securing positions of leadership.


November 2021


Wrapping up the Fall Term, WIB hosted a TED Talk-inspired, three-part speakers series event, WIBx! With a focus on highlighting stories worth sharing, we invited several people to the virtual stage to share their take on the theme of the event, "Be Bold For Change." First, Aishah Sonekan -- our student speaker -- facilitated a presentation and interactive activity, "Dare to Discover the YOU You Dream of." Then, we invited back two former WIB Presidents and Goodman Alumni, Shania Walden and Jayna Sutaria, to share their experiences post-grad. Finally, our special Keynote TEDx Speaker and CEO of Global Professionals Practicum, Jessica Lui, concludes our event with a speech and Q&A session with our audience.

Mental Illness Awareness Week

October 2021

In light of Mental Illness Awareness Week, WIB invited Seema Iyer to speak, with the focal point of our event being anxiety. Stemming from her professional training as a Yoga and Meditation Instructor, Seema finds that yoga and meditation are powerful tools for anxiety. During our event, she coached us about grounding techniques for calming anxiety and demonstrated breathing sequences from yoga which tap on tradition Chinese acupuncture points. Seema guided us through a short, interactive meditation session and gave us insight for dealing with anxiety in everyday life. 

Women in Accounting 

September 2021


In collaboration with Goodman's Accounting Students Association, WIB hosted Women in Accounting - a panel event that focuses on the female experience in the accounting industry! Despite women obtaining half of all auditor, accountant, and investment positions in Canada, the challenges they face within the industry creates a difficult dynamic for women in the workspace. During this event, WIB dove into discussions on the underrepresentation of women of colour, lack of women in leadership roles, and persistent gender pay gap present in the field of accounting.

Past Events: 2020-2021 

The Rise

MARCH 2021


Introducing our 3rd annual event, The Rise! The Rise is inspired by International Women’s Day to bring together women from all areas of business to discuss their personal and professional career journeys. ⁣Every year, International Women’s Day releases a new theme that will serve as the topic of discussions for The Rise. This years theme is #ChooseToChallenge! ⁣⁣

Women In Consulting



In collaboration with Goodman Consulting Association, WIB hosted the first event of 2021… Women in Consulting - an event focused on the female experience in the consulting industry! Consultancy is a key industry where the number of male employees and executives outweigh the number of female employees and executives. In order to prepare the next generation of men and women entering this field, our moderated panel explored the panelists’ career paths to consulting, as well as challenges they overcame, and the future of consulting!

Wib ad.png

WIB After Dark



We hosted one of our biggest events - WIB AFTER DARK! This event focused on the challenges women face in the workplace and we discussed “taboo” topics that may be uncomfortable to speak about in a formal panel discussion. WIB After Dark created a safe environment where students and industry professionals had a honest conversation about the double-bind dilemma, microaggressions, and negotiations. All attendees had the opportunity to network and chat with our speakers!


Women In Operations with Amazon Operations



Brock Women in Business hosted yet another VIRTUAL event of the year: the Women in Operations Panel! This event focused on highlighting experiences, career learnings, and journeys from women working in the operations field. We demystified what a career in operations means. We had a great discussion about each of the speakers' career journeys, followed by a Q&A session where all attendees had the opportunity to network with our speakers.

Women In IT.png

The Entrepren-HER Panel

JULY 2020

We hosted our FIRST VIRTUAL event of the year: The Entrepren-HER Panel!

This event focused on the representation of women and their entrepreneurial careers. We highlighted different start-up businesses created by female entrepreneurs across different industries! We discussed our speakers' venture, their entrepreneurial journey, and how they have adapted their businesses to respond to the global pandemic. 

Past Events: 2019-2020

The Rise Insta.png

The Rise

MAR 2020

WIB's 2nd annual, The Rise! We hosted our biggest panel event of the year, offering VIP workshops that gave students the chance to participate in seminars with each of the speakers. The Rise is WIB's flagship event that is held every year in March to honour International Women's Day. 


WIB Week

JAN 2020

This year the WIB team created WIB Week! From January 6, 2020, to January 10, 2020, WIB hosted a series of mini-events and workshops at the Goodman Gate to empower the Brock community to get into a positive mindset for the new year. WIB Week also featured a Women in Money Seminar. 


DEC 2019


On December 6, 2019, WIB was joined by Diana Oddi and Brittany de Paola for WIB After Dark. This was an amazing, casual and unfiltered discussion about the challenges that women face in the workplace. Thank you to everyone who came out to this fun event. 

Dress to Impress

OCT 2019


On October 10, 2019, WIB hosted our first Dress to Impress fashion show. This event features a presentation on business attire basics by Brooks Brothers. Our fantastic models showcased appropriate fashions for First Impressions, Business Casual, and Business Formal events. 

the rise.jpg

The Rise

MAR 2019

The Rise was WIB's first big event. It brought together women in all industries to speak to students, faculty and staff about their journeys and to inspire us all. The Rise will be a WIB traditional event held every year in March to honour International Women's Day.

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