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EmpowHER Program

The EmpowHER program is a Mentorship program offered through Brock Women in Business, to provide young women with the knowledge and confidence they need to pursue business, network with industry leaders and allies, and develop critical professional skills. This program is designed to have many creative and specialized activities, guest speakers, tailored workshops, and to provide a personalized Brock Women in Business experience.

EmpowHER Monthly Themes and Activities

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Co-op Experience & Education

January 2022


This month, we will be focusing on Co-op Experience and Education! 


Co-op Education can help you develop new skills, make connections, and get both real AND relevant experience. Activities this month are designed to help mentees improve key components to build their profile and help with getting a job. Program participants will also receive insight on the co-op experience from students, who will provide guidance on the entire co-op process.


Some activities for the month include Resume and Cover Letter Tips, Interview Tips, and a “Women in Co-op” Students Panel! 


Networking Skills

November 2021


During the month of November, WIB’s EmpowHER program focused on networking skills! 


Our mentors were able to help teach their mentees strategies on how to network effectively and create meaningful, professional relationships. Mentees had the opportunity to participate in a Networking Do’s and Don’ts Activity, as well as a fun game of Networking BINGO! 


During the big event this month, we collaborated with Goodman Career, who hosted a “How to Leverage LinkedIn” workshop. This workshop focused on how to develop and manage your network, while also providing tips for creating a successful profile and building your network to assist in job searches. 

Goal Setting and Mental Health Awareness 

October 2021


October was the first month of WIB’s brand new EmpowHER program, where program members focused on goal setting and mental health awareness. Our mentors were able to help teach their mentees strategies and ideas on how to stay organized during this school year. The mentees also created vision boards to showcase their plans and goals for the year. Swipe to see them!


During the big event this month, we hosted an #IamRemarkable workshop--a worldwide Google Initiative empowering underrepresented groups and everyone to celebrate their achievements. This workshop served as a reminder that self-promotion and self-advocacy are significant parts of the goal-setting process. Alongside this workshop, we facilitated a brief roundtable discussing mental health and tips on how we all prioritize mental health. 

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