EmpowHER Program

The EmpowHER program is a Mentorship program offered through Brock Women in Business, to provide young women with the knowledge and confidence they need to pursue business, network with industry leaders and allies, and develop critical professional skills. This program is designed to have many creative and specialized activities, guest speakers, tailored workshops, and to provide a personalized Brock Women in Business experience.

A mentor... 

A student obtaining passion and leadership skills in order to aid mentees in developing competencies, skills, and achieving a variety of goals through conducting group activities, hosting workshops, and providing guidance. Registration is open to Year 2 and above students in a Goodman undergraduate program.


  • Lead group discussions following the EmpowHER program structure

  • Facilitate engaging activities with your designated group

  • Encourage and monitor the growth of your mentees 

Skills, Efforts, & Competencies: 

  • Effective oral and written communication skills 

  • Excellent organization and planning skills 

  • Honesty, integrity, and personal ethics 

  • Responsible, committed and capable of seeing projects to completion

  • Time management and punctuality 

  • Demonstrates initiative and is self-motivated 

  • Ability to lead and work with a team

A mentee... 

Mentees will participate in group discussions, while led by a mentor, over the course of the upcoming 2021/2022 academic school year. Throughout this program, mentees will be provided with the opportunity to attend workshops, hear from speakers, and advance various skills and competencies. Registration is open to students in all years in a Goodman Undergraduate program.

Got Questions? 

Have some questions about the EmpowHER program? Find the answers to our Frequently Asked Questions below.

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The EmpowHER program is a great way to connect with students and develop skills while achieving a variety of goals. The program allows students to get involved with WIB through its personalized experience, structured to guide students through event-filled monthly themes.

Why should I join the EmpowHer program?

The EmpowHER program will be conducted on Microsoft Teams.

where is the empower program taking place?

You will hear back from us after you submit the form, and mentor applicants will be interviewed. After the interview process, mentor and mentees will be assigned to each other. Each mentor will have more than one mentee. 

what happens after I register?

To register as a mentor or mentee, you can follow the links above and select either “EmpowHER Mentor Registration,” or “EmpowHER Mentee Registration,” and then complete the respective Google Form.

how do I register to be a mentor or mentee?

The expected weekly time commitment for the EmpowHER varies per role:

  • Mentees: 1 hour

  • Mentors: 1-2 hours

what is the expected time commitment?

The EmpowHER Program will run for the entire 2021-22 academic year from September 2021 to April 2022.

what is the program duration?